October, 2011

Social Capital, Lobbying and Community-Based Interest Groups

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Recent discussions of social capital within the public choice literature have tended to focus on its role in solving collective action problems and promoting political accountability. Consequently, two areas of inquiry remain underexplored: (1) the role social capital plays in facilitating lobbying and rent seeking, and (2) the possibility that the availability of government resources can cause community-based groups to re-orient their stocks of social capital away from mutual assistance and toward lobbying and rent seeking. This article examines the relationship between social capital and lobbying in New Orleans’s post-Katrina recovery.

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Citation (Chicago Style).

Chamlee-Wright, Emily L. and Storr, Virgil Henry. "Social Capital, Lobbying and Community-Based Interest Groups," Public Choice, Vol. 149, Nos. 1-2, (2011): 167.