February 1, 2012

Peter Boettke's "Handbook on Contemporary Austrian Economics" Reviewed on the Freeman

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Peter Boettke's "Handbook on Contemporary Austrian Economics" was reviewed on the Freeman by George Leef. 

Why are many young economists drawn to the Austrian school? George Mason University professor and FEE trustee Peter Boettke, the editor of this volume, explains it this way: “I once described Austrian economics as humanistic in its method and humanitarian in its concern. This is what attracted me to the school. It promised philosophic understanding of the complex world around us and when combined with some basic concepts of morality produces a powerful argument for a society of free and responsible individuals.”

That’s a strong calling card, and readers of Boettke’s book—consisting of ten essays written by relatively young Austrian scholars—will find many more reasons to investigate the Austrian school. The book is brimming over with insights into Austrian analysis, along with some jousting with non-Austrians.

Read the entire review at The Freeman.