January 14, 2012

Professor Christopher Coyne published Op-Ed: "Governments Ring in Year With Less Economic Freedom"

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Professor Christopher Coyne wrote an op-ed in the Richmond Times-Dispatch about how 2012 has begun with less economics freedom.

The start of the New Year brings an opportunity for change. From exercising and spending more time with family to vowing to balance the checkbook, every January people resolve to make their next year better than the last.

And while we're making our individual New Year's resolutions, the government is busily making its own. Jan. 1 saw 40,000 new laws come into effect across the country. In contrast to personal resolutions, which we make to improve ourselves, government "resolutions" affect all of us. Unfortunately, they're also set this year to threaten our economic freedom.

Read the entire article at Richmond Times-Dispatch.