A Peculiar Path: The Rise of the West in a Global Context

Apr 07, 2005Apr 09, 2005
Mercatus Center

This conference is part of a series of workshops sponsored by the Mercatus Center's Social Change Project to provide input to important manuscripts that will enhance our understanding of social change.  Why Europe? The Rise of the West in Global Context, 1500-1850 is Jack Goldstone's book on innovation and the rise of the West. The conference brought together leading scholars to participate in roundtable discussions arranged around portions of the manuscript.

Social Change Project Manuscript Workshops provide constructive criticism for academic works in progress that contribute to the Social Change Project’s goals of understanding the nature of institutional change and prosperity.

In the past such conferences have been held to aid in the development of manuscripts by Douglass NorthAvner GreifDeirdre McCloskey, and many others in the Mercatus Center's Network of Scholars.


For more information about Mercatus Center Manuscript Workshops, please contact Stan Tsirulnikov.