Discover Your Inner Economist

Aug 09, 2007
B-339 Rayburn House Office Building


Dr. Tyler Cowen
General Director
Mercatus Center at George Mason University 

Economics is not just a class you took back in college.  Widely popular books, such as Freakonomics and  The Undercover Economist, have proven that economics is everywhere.  In his latest book, Discover Your Inner Economist, George Mason University economics professor and Mercatus Center General Director Tyler Cowen continues the recent trend of exposing economic incentives as they play out in every day life.  The far-reaching influence of economic insight might surprise you.

In an interactive and entertaining discussion on his new book, Dr. Cowen will engage policy makers on some of the surprising ways economic reasoning can play out in dealing with constituents, creating effective public policy, and even falling in love.  

Questions to be explored include:

  • When do cash payments become a disincentive? Can this logic be applied to public policy?
  • What are some ways economics can make staff meetings more productive?
  • How can economic theory be applied to liven up Capitol Tours? Constituent letters?

Participants will be treated to a wide-ranging, often amusing, and very practical discussion led by Dr. Cowen.  Rest assured that he understands the incentives which will make this program worthy of your time.

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