Access Academia: Trade, Aid and Enterprise, Fighting Poverty in Africa

Jan 24, 2007


Many universities and academics are known for their inaccessible scholarship, which their nickname of ‘ivory towers' readily demonstrates.  However, the Mercatus Center at George Mason University provides a unique window into that scholarship by uniting the worlds of policy and academia through a variety of educational programs.  The Mercatus Center's affiliation with George Mason University enables it to be the premiere provider of university-based resources to Capitol Hill.  As a welcome to incoming Congressional staffers and a welcome back to the thousands of staffers who have already attended the Mercatus Center's educational courses, Mercatus hosted a series of welcome events entitled Access Academia, including a luncheon and accompanying reception to kick-off the new Congress. 

The luncheon event featured three concurrent presentations on policy issues that are of highly relevant concern to the 110th Congress.  Development in Africa, Government Accountability, and Hedge Funds will each play central roles during this policy cycle.  The luncheon brought together prominent scholars as well as experienced policymakers that discussed the relevant academic research and economic analyses of these policy concerns.


Economics of Hedge Funds - Shadab 

Pension Plan Hedge Funds - Shadab 

Trade, Aid, and Enterprise - K. Boudreaux 

Government Accountability: Moving Beyond the Rhetoric - McTigue